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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

An opportunity for AEME member engagement

Terms of Reference (May 2023)

The Association for Events Management Education (AEME) was established on April 21st 2004 with the aim to advance events education within the UK and overseas.

Purpose and scope:

The Association for Events Management Education created ‘special interest groups’ (SIGs) across a number of contemporary subject areas in July 2021. SIGs were designed for AEME members to get involved in conversations around pertinent topics to Events Management education.

SIG subject areas:

The current SIGs are listed below, with the nominated SIG academic lead/contact (as of 2021 formation):
1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Contact: Karen Davies -

2. Sustainability - Contact: Mary Beth Gouthro
3. Future Leaders - Contact: Mandy Curtis -
4. Research - Contact: Claire Drakeley -
5. Teaching, Learning and Engagement - Contact: Joanna Goodey -
6. Wellbeing: Contact: Adrian Bossey -

Further SIGs can be proposed to the AEME Executive Committee meeting, if there is a particular area of interest.

Membership and practice:


  • SIGs will have a nominated lead academic, which does not have to be an AEME Executive Committee Member.

  • The lead academic will remain in post for a maximum of three years. This will be reviewed at the change of Exec Committee Chair and other Exex Members.

  • SIG membership welcomes AEME members to its community.

  • Members commit to at least four meetings a year, quarterly is recommended.


All SIGs and their members are encouraged to:

  1. Continuously advance the SIG to meet changes in the field of study.

  2. Strive to initiate discourse between and across multiple academic disciplines and practitioners.

  3. Encourage a diverse cross-section of and inclusive environment for SIG members.

  4. Strive to stimulate (real or virtual) spaces for open discussion within and beyond AEME.

  5. Focus on adding (future) value and creating impact to events management education.

  6. Create SIG communities that provoke lively discussion and innovation combined with trusted relationships.

  7. Cultivate regularly paced connections to develop strong relationships.


Reporting and engagement:

  • Each SIG will present an update to attendees of the annual AEME Forum, these include academics, practitioners, students, and other invited guests.

  • The SIG will provide regular updates to the AEME Executive Committee on work in progress.

  • Each SIG will operate to encourage ‘communities of practice, to engender networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, and to form a base for future events management research and pedagogical development.

  • SIG academic leads may submit ad hoc requests for support and/or resources. Such requests will be supported by a detailed justification, and submitted to the AEME Executive Committee for review at the next scheduled Committee meeting.


Any authorised support and/or resources for the SIG will require the SIG academic lead to report back on the outcomes within a specified timeframe.

Review of terms of reference:

  • This document will be reviewed as required, taking account of AEME governance, policy and strategy.

  • It will be revalidated every three years to align with the AEME exec committee elections

Final Version - May 2023 Agreed and validated by AEME Exec Committee 22/05/23


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