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AEME Student Awards 2022

The AEME Student Awards is an initiative to encourage and inspire our Events Management students.

Launched in 2021, the target of the awards is not only to compete and to produce winners. The major intention of the AEME Awards is to celebrate the efforts, progress and unique engagement of the best students in our programmes, who can also possibly be this way a role model for the rest.

Winners 2022

AEME are delighted to announce the winners of the AEME Student Awards 2022.

Major Awards


Student of the Year UG: Brodie Sutton, Edinburgh Napier University

Student of the Year PG: Lily WIckens, UWE, Bristol


Special Awards


Most Inspirational Student: Sasha Green, Leeds Beckett University

Most Creative Student:  Beatriz Lobato Castilla, Leeds Beckett University

Best Focused in Sustainability: Siobhan Duff, Glasgow Caledonian University

Best Focused in Diversity: Celine Amara, Bournemouth University


Best Sector Focused Students


Best Focused in Arts and Culture:  Aikaterini Mitsi, University of Sunderland in London

Best Focused in Music Events:  Denitsa Todorova, University of Sunderland in London

Best Focused in Sports Events: Molly Davies, Bournemouth University

Best Focused in Festivals: Molly Atkinson, University of Sunderland

Best Focused in Charity Events: Samantha Sayer, Bournemouth University

Best Focused in Fashion Events: Ecaterina Frunze, University of Sunderland in London

Best Focused in Corporate Events: Cameron Townsley, UWE Bristol

Best Focused in Conferences: Elly Lacatusu, University of Northampton


Live Events Award

Caitlin Barker, Leah Elliott, Sean Harris, April Hicks, Sophie McMahon, Georgia Vacher, Arts University, Bournemouth



Nominees 2022

Congratulations to the following students who were also nominated for awards:

Delphine James, University of West London

Laila Salman Khan, University of West London

Tiziana Coppetelli, University of West London

Joe Blomfield, University of Greenwich

Amber Jeffryes, University of Greenwich

Maria Agusto, University of Greenwich

Eimantas Budrys, University of Surrey

Lisa Boyle, University of Ulster

Hannah Martinson, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Ramon van den Akker, NHL Stenden

Natascha Müller, NHL Stenden

Yara Seiffer, NHL Stenden

Barbara Miranda, University of Suffolk

Ella Haynes, University of Lincoln

Megan White, University of Lincoln

Iona Watt, Edinburgh Napier University

Gabrielle Lopataite, Edinburgh Napier University

Imogen Wilkinson, Edinburgh Napier University

Iolanda Ghironi, Edinburgh Napier University

Poppy Pudner, University of West England

Daniel Bryne, University of West England

Ellie Pope, University of West England

Cristina Fernandez Martin, University of West England

Gautam Gupta, University of West England

Eugenia Kessie, University of West England

Augustina Nkrumah-Duah, University of West England

Grace Odeneye, University of West England

Millie Seow, University of West England

Aine Stewart-McKeever, University of West England

Katy Gross, Leeds Beckett University

Sam Glenister-Batey, Leeds Beckett University

Rebecca Adkin, Leeds Beckett University

Anna Castle, Leeds Beckett University

Kayleigh Curtis, Leeds Beckett University

Starr Donaldson, Leeds Beckett University

Molly Gradwell, Leeds Beckett University

Scarlet Hudson, Leeds Beckett University

Lucy Jones, Leeds Beckett University

Abigail Livermore, Leeds Beckett University

Annabelle Sayn-Rainbow, Leeds Beckett University

Leo Marsh, Glasgow Caledonian University

Eleanor Logan, Glasgow Caledonian University

Erin McBride, Glasgow Caledonian University

Wendy Roulstone, Glasgow Caledonian University

Kerry Cresswell, Glasgow Caledonian University

Kirsty Clyne, Glasgow Caledonian University

Abiodun Christiana Adelani, Glasgow Caledonian University

Steffi Dipak Katara, Glasgow Caledonian University

Oluwaniyi Isaac Ose, Glasgow Caledonian University

Roberta Veronesi, University of Sunderland in London

Petya Nikolova, University of Sunderland in London

Zhasmina Zhivkova, University of Sunderland in London

Emanoela Peeva, University of Sunderland in London

Roza Naydenova, University of Sunderland in London

Tsvetelina Denkova, University of Sunderland in London

Claudia Lumaicu, University of Sunderland in London

Kalina Radeva, University of Sunderland in London

Raisa Ursachi, University of Sunderland in London

Ellie Strutt, University of Bournemouth

Sian Pudney, University of Bournemouth

Charlette Curtis, University of Bournemouth

Kayla Biederman, University of Bournemouth

Emma Coburn, University of Bournemouth

Jess Golay, University of Bournemouth

Phuong Linh Phang, University of Bournemouth

Michelle Soleta, University of Bournemouth

Phoebe Augur, University of Bournemouth

Olivia Holman, University of Bournemouth

Lucy Milligan, University of Bournemouth

Eartha Redwood, University of Bournemouth

Sophie Woodhams, University of Bournemouth

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