AEME Exec work alongside other event industry associations and organisations within the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP).

We are represented by Dr Caroline Jackson, who is also Vice Chair of BVEP, where she heads a number of initiatives including Chairing the Skills & Talent Taskforce, together with Glenn Bowdin as our regular representative.


During the past year this has involved regular meetings to help with the industry response and share information to and from the UK Government to inform the industry recovery.


AEME members receive regular BVEP email updates from TIER (Tourism Industry Emergency Response), Tourism Alliance, BVEP itself and other initiatives and campaigns. This information reflects the very latest position in a year where policy and procedures have changed regularly and rapidly.

Through BVEP and their Skills and Talent Taskforce, we have a route to help shape the industry approach to skills and talent in the future, and through the BVEP Research Group an opportunity to disseminate and collect industry relevant research.

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