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AEME Announced As A Partner for The Power of Events

28 July 2022

During challenging times for both the events industry and Higher Education sector, we are pleased to announce that AEME have become a Partner Organisation for The Power of Events. The Power of Events aim to showcase, respect and value the power of the UK events industry.


Rick Stainton, founder of Power of Events said: “The Power of Events is committed to using the disruption of the last two years as a moment in time when the UK events industry can really hit the reset button hard. By forging stronger relationships, creating new collaborations and making innovation a cornerstone for everything we do, we aim to showcase, value and respect the UK events industry. Working with AEME is a critical part of our ambitious mission.  We will all benefit from improving the relationship between academia and the industry, with those benefits impacting many different stakeholders.  It's going to be a long slog but it's a journey that has to be completed.  Their support is really welcomed on that journey.” 


Adrian Bossey, Chair of AEME said: “As the subject association and voice for events education, AEME is excited to be working with The Power of Events to support the industry we love, in which our graduates and our students work, and potential students, aspire to join.  The Power of Events will be drawing on research taking place within universities to help understand, respect and value the power of events, which all helps to showcase this industry to government and other stakeholders, including current and future talent. Encouraging collaboration and sharing within and beyond the events industry community can only help all to better understand The Power of Events”.

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Source: The Power of Events (2022) Available from: <> [Accessed 18 January 2023].

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