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Interested in studying events management?

Are you considering working in the events industry for your future career? Are you considering going to university to study a degree or masters in events management and would like to find out more information?   If you are reading this page, the chances are you probably are.


Our members are frequently approached for further information by potential students, their parents, teachers, careers advisors, and others. We have therefore provided answers to some of the typical questions we receive below:

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Why study events management?

Why study events management?

For some students at school or college, going to university is one of the options to consider as their next step and choosing to study events management can be a route into the global events industry. Other routes into events management include direct entry (getting a job in the industry) or event apprenticeships. The Power of Events Careers Hub provides an overview of the different routes.

Studying events management at university through a foundation degree, foundation year, Higher National Diploma (HND), degree or masters, has been available in the UK since 1996, with thousands of graduates now working successfully in industry who have studied events management or other subjects.

What is events management?

Events management is the overarching term that draws together the processes to plan, develop and manage events and the business behind this. The events industry includes many different event types, including exhibitions, conferences, corporate events, parties, weddings, fashion shows, special events, sporting events, music, cultural and entertain­ment events including concerts and festivals. 

A number of online resources are available to help you understand what the event industry involves, including The Power of Events, which provides further information about the different sectors and a careers hub outlining the five routes into the industry, and UKEVENTS which provides lots of detailed information and news about the industry.

Can I study events management at university?

Yes! Many universities offer events management degrees, some offer dedicated events management foundation degrees, degrees or diplomas, or by including events management in related subjects, including tourism, hospitality, leisure, business and management, or sport management courses. You can choose to study events management full-time straight from school or college, to continue your education to degree level (and potentially to masters level) in a subject that you are passionate about.


Many of our AEME members offer courses in events management – other providers are available too, as you will see on UCAS and in other directories.


Do I have to decide straight from school/college?


Not necessarily, no. A sizeable number of people also return to study each year as mature students, to add to their knowledge, skills, and qualifications. In addition to degrees, an increasing number of people take up the opportunity to build on their undergraduate qualifications and study events management through postgraduate or masters level qualifications, either on a part-time or full-time basis.


What courses are currently available?


Many of our members offer degree and masters courses in events management within the UK and overseas – you can find details about them through our Members Directory. UCAS provides details about courses currently available in the UK. Other directories are also available nationally and internationally.


What do degrees in events management include?


Degrees in events management offer business and management-related study, with a particular focus on the events industry.  They are offered as three years full-time, or as sandwich degrees over four years, including a placement.  Foundation year and foundation degrees are also available at some providers. In addition to studying subjects such as management, marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and strategy, found in other business and management degrees but in many cases contextualised to the events industry, events management courses also cover events-specific subjects relating to the planning and management of events, including, for example, event design, project management, sustainable event management, accessible events, health and safety, risk management, event production, contemporary issues, and exploring the role of events in society. 


Wherever you choose to study events management, courses have a strong core content.  In the UK courses are developed and mapped against government benchmark statements, and they will also have unique aspects to their delivery depending on the specific expertise at your chosen provider. 


How would I be assessed on an events management course?


Events management courses are applied management courses, with teaching and assessment offering the opportunity to develop events management-specific knowledge and skills, alongside developing higher-level critical thinking. 

You may be assessed through a range of methods, including presentations, reports, essays and exams, personal and professional reflection, together with pitches, proposals, plans, live briefs, portfolios, live events, real-life assignments, and other authentic assessments designed to develop industry-specific knowledge and skills. The exact assessment method will be decided by the course team as the most appropriate to assess the module and course learning outcomes.

Courses are developed by balancing theory and practice, drawing on a body of knowledge, including research and professional expertise of their course teams.  This is supplemented with other experiences, including guest speakers to provide current views on contemporary issues and industry practice, site visits to events and venues, and networking with industry professionals. 

Courses also build in the opportunity to undertake work experience, from short-term paid or voluntary experience, with many offering longer-term work placements, and some may also include the opportunity to study abroad.

Where do graduates from events management courses go after they graduate?

Studying events management can lead to a wide range of careers.  The Prospects website provides further information on what events management graduates do. Many of our AEME member websites also provide profiles of graduates from their events management courses.

Where can I find out more information?

There are a range of online sources where you can find out more information about studying events management, including at the colleges and universities that offer courses. We have pulled together the links below to help you get started in finding out more information about the courses and options available:

UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, is the dedicated admissions service for higher education in the UK. UCAS has an events management subject guide and lists all events management courses available at undergraduate and postgraduate level, together with apprenticeships and other advice and guidance to help potential students and their parents make informed choices.

Complete University Guide provides a searchable database of universities and courses, and league tables to enable you to consider a range of information when choosing your course.

Discover Uni is an official government source of information on university courses across the UK.

Prospects provides expert information and advice on graduate careers, including a section on events management courses, advice on what you can do with an events management degree and profiling jobs, including event manager.

UniGuide, part of The Student Room, provides independent guidance for students considering university.

Unifrog is a study destination comparison site, accessible through subscribing schools and colleges, that helps students compare every university course, every apprenticeship, and Further Education courses (heck whether your school or college subscribes).

WhatUni? is a university and course comparison site providing further details about the opportunities available at university.

Does AEME offer events management courses?

No, AEME (Association for Events Management Education) does not offer courses directly.  We exist for our members to share best practice in events education and research, and to provide a voice for events education.  You will find many of our members’ offer courses that are listed in some of the sites listed above – please visit our members directory where you can follow the links to find out more about the organisation/team behind the courses.

Disclaimer: The information in this guide is provided in good faith to help site visitors, including potential or existing students, parents, teachers, careers advisors and other interested stakeholders find out further information about studying events management. It was developed by Glenn A J Bowdin (UK Centre for Events Management, Leeds Beckett University), on behalf of AEME (Association for Events Management Education). As events management educators and researchers, we firmly believe in the value of events management education, and higher education, as a route into, and development through, the events industry, and this guide is written from this perspective. However, potential students should undertake further research and seek advice including from parents/carers and teachers, and make study and career choices based on their own individual circumstances.

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Can I study at uni?
Do I have to decide now?
How would I be assessed?
Where do event grads go?
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