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REF 2021 - AEME Nominations

The Research Excellence Framework 'REF 2021' will soon be upon us. As an association, we are able to nominate panel members as follows:

- additional main panel members (with expertise in leading, commissioning or making use of interdisciplinary research, leading research internationally, or senior level experience in the commissioning, use or wider benefits of research)

- sub-panel members and assessors (including practicing researchers, individuals with expertise in commissioning, applying or making use of research, and interdisciplinary advisers).

We are asking you, our members, to self-nominate, particularly if you feel you can contribute to the events field specifically. This an excellent opportunity and one which will help to ensure events research is at centre stage and not hidden behind other fields of study such as tourism, leisure hospitality or sport. We will endorse nominations for additional main panel members or sub-panel members and assessors for Panel C (Social Sciences), Unit of Assessment 24 (Sport and Exercise Sciences, Leisure and Tourism).

We would encourage nominees from a wide variety of backgrounds and geographical locations to apply. Final selection of nominees to be put forward will be made by the AEME Executive Committee, following consideration of the application criteria, as well as factors relating to diversity and equality criteria. Information on the REF panels, their workload, our unit of assessment, and equality and diversity in the nominations process are all available via this link.

As an association, we have to nominate on your behalf and the deadline for us to do so through HEFCE is 20th December 2017. Therefore, we ask that you provide us with your nominations no later than 1st December. Please complete the Nomination form with all relevant details and forward directly to

Dr Ivana Rihova (,

Dr Allan Jepson (, or

Dr Caroline Jackson (

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