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Universities of Scotland Events Conference 2017 (USEC2017)

AEME’s member institutions regularly host events that help to bring together a variety of university and industry stakeholders. One such event is the Universities of Scotland Events Conference (USEC), aimed at final year Undergraduate and Postgraduate Events Management students from across seven Scottish universities. This year’s fifth edition of the event will take place on 24th March from 12 noon, at Edinburgh Napier’s Craiglockhart Campus, and is free to attend to students and staff from other institutions.

The focus of USEC2017 will be on contemporary issues in festivals and events, from employability to sustainability in a challenging environment. The Edinburgh Napier student organising committee has created an exciting programme that includes a range of high-profile industry keynote speakers, such as Shona McCarthy from Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, workshop hosts from the British Arts Festivals Association, Harrogate International Festivals and Convention Edinburgh, and a closing debate featuring guests from industry and academia.

For the student organisers, USEC represents an opportunity to test their event management skills and knowledge in front of rather a demanding audience, while student attendees will be able to learn from the professionals and to share opinions in workshop discussions. What’s more, there will be plenty of networking opportunities, both with industry representatives and fellow students.

Interested AEME members can register via this link.

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