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The Event Professional's Handbook: Free download

Simon Burton shares some information about The Event Professional's Handbook, available for free download (see below)....

When I was growing up it was a truth universally acknowledged that books were the repository of truth. TV and magazines were simply entertainment. That truth has undoubtedly changed in the course of my life, as digital media has emerged and proliferated and brought with it a democracy of ideas and insight. It’s now reckoned (according to the internet, I should point out) that Wikipedia is more accurate than Encyclopaedia Britannica. But books still carry a might punch.

And physical books, the manifestation of the printing process which knocked down the old world as much as the web has knocked over the new world, retain a status and impact that belies their heritage. Books are very seriously old school and in the best sense of the words.

The Event Professionals Handbook is a marriage of digital and physical. It is available completely free of charge for download on Amazon, straight to your kindle, ipad, pc or smart phone. It is also available in ink and paper with a cover, ISBN number and a copy sent to the Library of Record. A real physical object that you can touch, flip through and put on a book shelf or desk.

The Event Professionals Handbook is not a how-to guide. It isn’t intended as a book about process, rather it’s a book about ideas, some of them contrasting, all of them thought provoking. Eighteen contributors, representing a myriad of sectors in the event industry and a wealth of experience, share their thoughts and inspirations.

And that is the key word “inspiration”. The Event Professionals Handbook is the opposite of proscriptive it’s expansive. Dip in, dive in, read a bit read it all. No matter your degree of immersion it will certain remind you of the awesome power of live events.



Four weeks after the launch of the Event Professional’s Handbook, the collection of interviews, essays and insights from some of the event industry’s most influential figures, remains a bestseller, reaching the number one position in Amazon categories around the world.

The Event Professional’s Handbook, created in partnership by The Experience is the Marketing and Citizen Event, features thoughts, ideas, experiences and future predictions from some of the most interesting thinkers and practitioners in the industry. Available to download for free from all major book retailers, including Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Scribd and Google Play, the Handbook has reached and in some cases remained number one in Amazon categories, such as Business and Finance, Industries and Professions, Marketing and Sales, Business Life, Finance, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Industries, Communications and Service.

“It’s exactly what we expected from the event industry,” commented Kevin Jackson, Director of Ideas and Innovations at Experience is the Marketing. “To be an event professional you need a unique passion for what you are doing. We captured an insight into these passions in the Event Professional’s Handbook and it is unsurprising that the global event industry wants to read, learn and discover more from other leading event professionals. To be a bestseller in so many countries, including UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Italy, France and Spain is incredible and proves how passionate the event industry is.”

The event industry celebrated the launch in September at OXO2 in London.

To download the complimentary book from Amazon, visit and click on the link. Alternatively, search for ‘The Event Professionals Handbook’ on Amazon or any other preferred book retailer.




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