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AEME 2016 Forum: A review

AEME Forum– 13 – 15 July 2016

We knew we were one step ahead when planning the AEME Forum for 2016 by having such an amazing venue as the ‘Dome’, and when Gerard made the proposal to hold the event in Buxton, he planned it for the same time as the Buxton Festival Fringe and the Buxton Festival, when we knew Buxton would be lively. So really we were on to a winner…but I’m not going to deny there were challenges!

Events Management academics don’t get many opportunities to take holiday, and July is one of the few months when we’re not teaching, marking or prepping, so the event’s timing was up against people needing to take annual leave, or in fact attend other conferences. This was my main worry, but we ended up with a small and beautifully formed group of delegates, rather than a large attendance, which, in turn, really created a close and intimate atmosphere!

I really enjoyed the Forum. It was absolutely great to meet my fellow Events management academics, and we had some excellent keynote speakers and some really accomplished presentations and workshops. In fact, I’m proudest of the rich content of the programme (oh, and Jamaoke, which was a revelation and still makes me smile to think about it). My highlights: too many really to mention, but I really enjoyed Cathryn Peach’s talk about the sensual experiences managed by Wild Rumpus, Graham Berridge’s ‘Creativity Workshop’, and my colleague Vladimir Antchak found Colin Beard’s keynote really interesting, and Leanne Drennan thought that the perspectives shared in the panel discussion on Global Security Issues were very useful.

All in all, a good Forum. We’ve fed the feedback forward to Karen Davies at Cardiff for next year, and look forward to seeing everyone again.

With Thanks from the University of Derby Events Management Team.

Olivia Ramsbottom

Note: Members can access all the presentations from this year's AEME Forum in the Resource Guide section of this site in the Members Area.




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